Vegetable Korma


Vegetable Korma


Enjoy delicious vegetable korma at Melbourne’s Karachi Street Food and Function Centre! The dish is a blend of raw veggies simmered in onion sauce.

We believe in serving food at Karachi Street Food and Function Centre in Melbourne that highlights the flavour and freshness of seasonal vegetables, and our Vegetable Korma is a perfect example of that. Imagine enjoying a mix of perfectly cooked, fresh vegetables paired with a flavorful, savoury onion sauce.

Savour the vivid hues and textures of the veggies, which combine to create a flavorful and cosy meal that will make you smile with every bite. Our Vegetable Korma is an excellent option for anyone looking for a tasty lunch, regardless of whether they are a vegetarian cuisine enthusiast.

Come enjoy the delicious taste of our vegetable korma with us at Karachi Street Food and Function Centre in Melbourne. Discover why it’s a favourite among foodies by placing your order now!


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