Enjoy our Lassi’s creamy richness at Melbourne’s Karachi Street Food and Function Centre! It’s the ideal drink to revive and revitalise your day because it’s made with milk, creamy yoghurt, and a touch of sweetness!


Our Lassi is a true testament to our belief in the power of refreshing beverages here at Karachi Street Food & Function Centre in Melbourne. Imagine yourself enjoying a tall glass of deliciously creamy yoghurt that has been flavoured with a touch of sweetness and fresh milk. With a delicious blend of flavours that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated, each sip has a silky, smooth texture.

However, our Lassi is more than simply a drink; it’s an indulgent moment. It’s the satisfaction of slaked thirst on a hot day, the coolness of the yoghurt, and its creamy goodness.

Our Lassi is the ideal option, whether you’re searching for a cool beverage to go with your dinner or just want to spoil yourself with something creamy. It will satisfy your desires and leave you feeling renewed and invigorated because it is full of healthy nutrients and tastes great.

Join us at Melbourne’s Karachi Street Food and Function Centre for the ultimate refreshment. Find out why Lassi is a global favourite among drink connoisseurs by placing your order today!


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