Lamb Rogan Josh

Lamb Rogan Josh


Experience the traditional taste of lamb rogan Josh at Melbourne’s Karachi Street Food and Function Centre! Tender lamb curry is prepared over low heat with yoghurt, tomatoes, and spices.

At the Karachi Street Food and Function Centre in Melbourne, we celebrate South Asia’s rich culinary legacy with our Lamb Rogan Josh. Imagine enjoying succulent lamb that has been slow-cooked to perfection, paired with yoghurt, tomatoes, and a flavorful mixture of spices.

As each bite of curry satisfies your senses and takes you to a world of culinary bliss, discover the complexity of flavours. If you enjoy Indian food or are just in the mood for something a little bit different, our Lamb Rogan Josh is the ideal option.

Join us on a flavour-filled, genuine culinary adventure at Melbourne’s Karachi Street Food and Function Centre. Place your order now and discover why foodies love our Lamb Rogan Josh!


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