Chicken Malai Boti Roll


Chicken Malai Boti Roll


Enjoy our Chicken Malai Boti Roll, a delectable dish at Karachi Street Food and Function Centre in Melbourne! Savour succulent, soft, and tender chicken pieces that are grilled over charcoal and wrapped in crispy, chutney- and onion-flavoured puri paratha for a mouthwatering culinary experience!

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Come savour the culinary masterpiece of our Chicken Malai Boti Roll at Karachi Street Food and Function Centre in Melbourne. Think of juicy, delicate chicken cubes that have been perfectly marinated and grilled over charcoal. Imagine them, then, wrapped in puri paratha, or fried bread, which is flavoured with chutney and onion. You will be craving more as each bite presents a seductive fusion of flavours and textures.

However, our Chicken Malai Boti Roll is a gastronomic adventure rather than merely a dish. It’s the delight of enjoying a wonderful meal with friends and family, the sizzle of the grill, and the perfume of spices.

Our Chicken Malai Boti Roll is the ideal option whether you’re searching for a filling lunch or a quick snack. It will definitely satisfy your hunger and leave you wanting more because it is full of savoury flavour and delivered.

Enjoy the finest culinary experience with us at Melbourne’s Karachi Street Food and Function Centre. Place your order today to find out why Chicken Malai Boti Rolls are a global favourite among foodies!


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